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Who doesn’t want to have straight, smooth and manageable hair? And you can easily have the sleek and stylish hair that you want, that too with minimal damage. Hair straightening brushes bring to you the ease of use and safety from getting burns, which the traditional flat irons don’t. Hair straightening brush makes brushing your hair easy by ionizing each hair, and also straightening wavy curls. It makes your hair look perfectly flat and smooth, maintaining the shape during the whole day. But the flat irons work by giving the hair a crimped and burnt look. Hair straightening brushes remove static electricity from the hair and add negative ions, which is good for thin and damaged hair. Also, daily scalp massage while brushing your hair improves blood circulation and increases hair growth, which is a great benefit that remains absent in case of traditional flat irons. Hair straightening brushes are a safer option because they have no “hot spots”, so you don’t end up burning your fingers or your hair. At the same time, the process of styling is easier and quicker and the brush makes your hair more manageable. The InStyler Straight Up Brush is the go-to hair straightening brush that you must have, to save the day!

Why InStyler Straight Up Brush?InStyler Straight Up Brush

The InStyler Straight Up brush comes equipped with 65 heated ceramic plates so that heat is evenly distributed in all the portions of the hair. The InStyler hair straightening brush is a super quick and easy-to-use hair straightening brush. The InStyler hair straightening brush has 7 heat settings ranging from 330°F to 450°F, which kinda beats other hair straightening brushes in this category. With 7 heat settings, it is suitable for all hair types, from fine and thin hair to thick and unmanageable hair. It heats up in as little as 30 seconds which makes it super quick to use. It weighs about 1.1 pounds. This hair straightener gets hot and stays hot, which means it does not lose heat during the use. It evenly distributes heat so there is no need to keep going over the same area of hair and neither are there any unwanted hot spots – the parts of your hair that burn. Also, you won’t burn your fingers because the bristles have cool and non-scalding tips. The InStyler Straight Up Brush can be used on damp hair but the result is definitely better when the brush is used on dry and combed hair. The InStyler Straight-up straightening brush has firm and sturdy bristles and hence it makes usage easy on thick and stubborn hair. This hair straightening brush also comes with a 360° rotating power cord which cuts down on worrying about tangling the cord while using the brush. It also comes equipped with automatic shut-off technology which turns off the device in case you leave it unused for more than sixty minutes.

It has some cons also. The temperature controlling buttons of the InStyler Straight-up hair straightening brush are placed in a way that they tend to get pressed while brushing through the hair. So one needs to be very careful about placing the hand in such a manner that the buttons do not get pressed. Another drawback with the InStyler Straight Up Brush is that you have to brush each section of your hair at least twice, for better results. This eventually takes up more time than desired. The InStyler Straight brush works less effectively on short hair and thick and curly hair. Also, this brush tends to leave the hair a little frizzy after use, which can be tackled by using a hair serum or a hair protection cream or oil. Also, if you want some amount of volume and bounce added to your hair, then this hair straightening brush might not be the best for you since it brushes the hair absolutely straight and sleek.

  • Equipped with 65 heated ceramic plates
  • 7 temperature options
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Can be used on damp hair too
  • Doesn’t lose heat while usage
  • 360° swivel cord does not tangle
  • Auto shut-off technology
  • Lightweight but strongly built
  • No heat spots
  • Makes hair sleek and straight
  • It can leave the hair frizzy after use
  • Requires each section of hair to be brushed at least twice or more, for best results
  • Not very effective on short hair
  • Does not add much volume and bounce to the hair
  • Does not come with a user manual
  • Does not retain the straight look for a long time
  • Sometimes pulls out and breaks hair
  • Can be used only on dry and combed hair

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The InStyler Straight-up hair straightening brush ensures that you are in for a timesaving and hassle-free experience. It’s major highlight is that it comes with 7 temperature controls and this makes it suitable for almost all hair types. It has auto shut-off technology and a 360° swivel cord. Although it gives quick results, it does not maintain the straight hair look for quite some time. Also, if you have thick and coarse hair then you need to section out your hair and go through the hair with the brush for more than two times to get the desired look. It works without much hassle in case of fine and thin hair.

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