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Simple and easy-to-use hair straightening brushes are here. Traditional hair straightening irons have become a thing of the past. Hair straightening brushes cut the time to half of what is required when we use traditional blow drying method or flat iron. Hair straightening brushes not only give you sleek straight hair but also give the hair a fuller, healthier and natural look. Moreover, flat irons give off a burning smell and a crimped look to the hair, making hair look dry and brittle, which does not happen in hair straightening brushes. The ease of use of the hair straightening brush is indisputable. Also, the flat irons can cause burns easily but the hair straightening brushes barely cause any burns as they come with no scald tip. The Dafni hair straightening brush is one such magical tool that you definitely need to have to save the day!

Why Dafni Hair Straightening Brush?

Dafni Hair Straightening Brush
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The dafni hair straightening ceramic brush is the original ceramic brush straightener and comes with 3D ceramic surface. It works seven times faster than the conventional hair straightening flat iron. It is developed to operate at 365°F constant temperature. It straightens the hair in nearly 3-5 minutes which makes it suitable for a fast-paced lifestyle. Its handle and the back of the brush is made with heat resistant materials and thus the chance of burning your fingers while operating it is negligible. The Dafni brush comes with auto shut-off technology which turns off the device if not used for an hour, in case you forget to shut it off after use. The bristles on the Dafni hair brush straightener are also better designed than the other hair brush straighteners. The hair brushes smoothly at tougher angles such as when trying to reach the top part of the back of the head.
The bristles glide through the hair very easily, while the bristles on the other hair straightening brushes cause hair to get snagged sometimes, especially as the smooth rubber tips of the bristles kinda get lifted over time, with use. There is no such problem with the Dafni hair straightening brush, as its bristles are almost entirely covered with plastic pillars, which decreases the chance of hair tangling to zero.

Also, unlike the other hair brush straighteners, the Dafni hair brush straightener features only one button which is located in the middle of the handle, rather than on the side. This reduces the chance of hitting the buttons by accident, which is quite common in hair straightening brushes where the temperature controls are placed at the side of the handle.

  • 3D ceramic surface
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Does not lose heat while usage
  • Temperature controls are placed in a convenient spot
  • Quick results
  • Works at a constant temperature; no temperature options
  • No 360° swivel cord
  • Uses more strokes to get thick and excessively curly hair straight

How to use Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

How to use Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
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The Dafni hair brush straightener should be used on fully dried hair for best results. If the hair is sectioned out, then it’s efficiency increases but it works well without sectioning hair too. Also, it works better after applying a good protein conditioner or argan oil on the hair. Unlike the other hair brush straighteners, the dafni hair straightener only has one button to press — so there is no scenario of temperature selection. You press and hold the button for a couple seconds to power it on and the four LED lights that circle the button start flashing red to let you know that it’s heating up. When the LEDs light up green, you know that it’s ready to use. The process of heating up is very fast. The red light changes to green light in less than 10 seconds. It works more effectively and faster if hair is brushed into sections. All you need to do is brush slowly along the sections of hair in a pulling motion and make sure that the hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush. The Dafni hair straightening brush straightens the hair in 1-2 strokes. However, if you have excessively thick and curly hair, the dafni straightening brush takes almost 3-4 strokes to get the desired results. Also, the Dafni brush holds heat very well and does not lose heat while straightening the hair. The dafni hair brush is designed in a way that heat is evenly distributed in the hair.

Dafni straightening brush does not have a 360° swivel cord, unlike some other hair straightening brushes, and this can cause the power cord to get tangled while usage.


If you are looking for a timesaving and hassle free experience with hair straightening then you can very easily go ahead with the Dafni hair straightening brush. It works smoothly on all hair types and can tame even the wildest of hair, with a little effort. Also, with just one temperature control, it’s hard to mess up the temperature button by pressing it accidentally. It also doesn’t damage the hair as it’s bristles are designed keeping in mind hair tangling. Overall, it is a worthy buy.

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