Best Tea Kettles for Gas Stoves

9 Best Tea Kettles for Gas Stoves Reviewed in 2021

We, the ReviewSprouts try heart & soul to make our review list most useful for you. Accordingly, our editorial team researches, tests, and recommend the best products. 

Today, we are here to review tea Kettles for Gas Stoves in 2020.  

Let’s start talking about tea kettles for your gas stove. As a consumer, you might be in dilemmas→ which kettle is best for you considering time and money? What factors you should consider before buying a kettle for your gas stove? We have all the answers ready for you. So, 

while you’re wanting to buy a tea kettle, keep scrolling and read about the best tea kettle reviews.  Arrange a great tea party and rock on! 

If you’re in a hurry or can’t wait anymore to know what’s our top pick: 

Editor’s Picks 9 Best Tea Kettles Review 

1. CAFE BREW COLLECTION 12 Cup Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

Best Tea Kettles for Gas Stoves

CAFÉ BREW 12 Cup kettle is a remarkable glass tea kettle made from premium quality borosilicate glass. It is one of the healthiest tea kettles. The kettle provides maximum stability, strength, and durability. As per its name, it can brew up to 12 cups. That is to say, it’s equally good for use on gas and electric stovetops. Moreover, its elements are BPA-free as well as lead-free. Plus, this kettle is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Further, CAFÉ BREW 12 Cup kettle works great for boiling water for making coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or instant soup. Additionally, the glass design looks very amazing. 

Things to concern: 

The kettle is suitable for medium and low heat. But, within the medium heat, it will make your tea time delightful. 

Useful Features: 

  • Use on both gas or 
  • electric stovetops. 
  • High-end Schott Duran borosilicate glass from Germany. 
  • BPA-free. 
  • Stain-resistant plus dishwasher safe. 
  • Removable lid available. 
  • Drip-free spout. 
  • Offers metal heat diffusing trivet that is used on electric range coils. 

2. OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle

OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle

If you’re on a hunt for a versatile kettle to enjoy a cup of tea, this tea kettle can be a great pick for you. OXO BREW Classic Tea Kettle includes high-grade stainless steel. The steel would never rust or stain. Accordingly, the kettle lasts for a lifetime. Moreover, Oxo offers a design at ease of use. Notably, you can rotate the handle out of the way.  Hence you needn’t tip the kettle to fill it from your tap. As there is a large opening side, you may clean the sides as well as the corners of this kettle. In addition, it comes with 

a silicone grip on the handle. Plus, a silicone knob on the lid as well as a silicone tab on the spout cap. All these functionalities give you safety from the hot metal surface. At the time of boiling water, you’ll hear a sound. Therefore, you don’t need to set any timer to check the kettle. Just you’ve to flip the cap up. As this, you can pour from the exact stream which is designed for not to plop. 

More importantly, the kettle has a unique shape. One can fit it into a retro kitchen or a modern kitchen. 

Things to concern: 

It is claimed that the interior is not brushed with stainless steel. But it is surrounded by high-grade stainless steel. 

 Oxo is our recommended best kettle for boiling water. More Features: 

  • High-grade stainless steel. 
  • Silicon grip on the handle. 
  • Whistles when the water is boiling. 
  • Unique shape to fit for the modern kitchen. 
  • Lifetime lasting. 

3. Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle

Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle

What makes a Tea kettle best? Is it just the material used? Is it just the cost to material ratio? Is it heat conduction ability? In a nutshell, it is the combination of all of the above, including electric capabilities and user assistance systems. Having all these facilities Cuisinart CTK-SS17 is among the best tea kettles. 

What’s more, the kettle comes with stainless steel material. And it won’t make nuisance sound while your stovetop is very hot. Indeed, this tea kettle can maintain heat very well. In addition, it offers a high-quality loud whistle that will give you a signal when water is boiled. That is to say, it is one best whistling tea kettle for you. 

Things to concern:  

There were Reports of some rust and this is a big issue. 

Useful Features: 

  • Stainless steel Aura tea kettle 
  • High durability with an effective whistle 
  • Sleek and smooth Design with two-quart capacity 
  • Lifetime warranty 

4. Le Creuset Q3101-17 Enamel-on-Steel Whistling Teakettle

Le Creuset Q3101-17 Enamel-on-Steel Whistling Teakettle

If you are looking for an investment piece, then Le Creuset comes with everything you hope for. This model features cast-iron Dutch ovens. Plus, you’ll get a wide range of colors. Besides the kettle covered with stainless steel. Moreover, it comes with 2 quarts and offers nine beautiful colors. The nine versions are black, caribbean, cassis, cherry, flame, marseille, palm, white, and stainless. That is to say, Le Creuset has you covered in different needs. You’ll get a heat-resistant handle as you can grip and pour easily.  

Thus you’ll fall in love with this kettle. 

Things to concern: 

Unlike our other models this kettle does require that you flip open the pouring spout with a lever that’s not attached to the handle. 

 Useful Features: 

  • Offers cast iron Dutch ovens. 
  • Heat-resistant handle.  
  • 2 quarts available and offers nine beautiful colors. 
  • Handcrafted in France. 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

5. Glass Stovetop Kettle, Whistling, German Borosilicate

Glass Stovetop Kettle, Whistling, German Borosilicate

If you are searching for a budget-friendly kettle, here is a good choice for you. This glass kettle brings a retro feel to your kitchen.  

The 12-cup glass kettle features thermal-shock resistant borosilicate glass. You can use it on both gas and electric stovetops. Indeed, all features you need in a tea kettle, it offers all that is needed. The kettle includes a whistle to sound while your water is boiling. Moreover, it contains a full 12 cups. Plus, you don’t need a spout to open to pour. As it comes with a glossy surface, you can see how much water is inside it.  

Things to concern:  

However, this kettle may not be everyone’s first choice. But to be honest, it’s a great pick while you are considering the budget. 

Useful Features: 

  • Built-in whistle.  
  • It contains a full 12 cup.  
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass from DURAN, Germany. 
  • BPA-Free. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 

6. Circulon Morning Bird Whistling Kettle/Stovetop Teakettle

Circulon Morning Bird Whistling Kettle/Stovetop Teakettle

If you prefer a comparatively smaller kettle, you may opt for this 2-quart kettle from Circulon. The kettle incorporates capri turquoise, kiwi green, as well as stainless steel. It is compact in size. Although you can pour enough water into this kettle. Moreover, it includes a textured handle with a one-touch lever to open the spout. Thus, you can easily pour the water over loose tea or bagged. In addition, its stainless steel lid suits firmly to protect steam from burning your hand. Again Circulon Morning Bird Whistling Kettle offers a rounded body design. Most importantly, the kettle features an audible whistle while the water is boiling. Accordingly, you’ll understand which temperature is perfect for brewing. What’s more, it features an enameled exterior. Although this kettle is not too heavy to lift.  

Another important issue, you’ll get lifetime limited warranty here. That is to say, you can hope for wrong which is not wrong enough for the product! 

Things to concern: 

Items are welded by hand, so slight imperfections are not uncommon. 

Useful Features: 

  • 2-quart steel teakettle capacity that can heat up to 8 cups of water. 
  • Convenient whistling feature signals when water is boiling. 
  • Lifetime limited warranty. 
  • Weight: 2.5 pound 

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7. Mr. CoffeeFlintshireStainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Mr. CoffeeFlintshireStainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Surely you want a tea kettle without comprising quality? Besides this, surely you look on a budget! 

If you are somebody who considers these two factors, then finish your search right now.  

Mr. Coffee is one heaviest tea kettle for gas stoves including stainless steel as well as a whistle. Accordingly, you can know when your water is boiled or ready for a cup of tea. Besides, the kettle comes with a brushed satin finish exterior. Plus, you’ll get a mirror base and lid, as well as a Bakelite handle. What’s more, Mr. Coffee Flintshire Tea Kettle offers a flip-up spout cover. This feature helps for easy and safe pouring. This is not all about the tea kettle. Let’s explore more about its features.  

Things to concern: 

The tea kettle may expose you to chemicals like DEHP. These chemicals seem to cause reproductive harm.  

Useful Features: 

  • Safety-Precaution. 
  • Flip-up Spout Cover & Stay Cool Trigger. 
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters. 
  • Nylon Handle. 
  • Hand wash recommended. 

8. Le Creuset Q9213-67 Zen Tea Kettle

Le Creuset Q9213-67 Zen Tea Kettle

Do you prefer to enjoy Asian style in your kitchen? Would you like kitchenware with a worldly design? If you like, then give a hand on this tea kettle. 

What makes Le Creuset special? This product’s beauty will last for years with its chip-resistant stainless steel rims. Additionally, it comes in many shades and colors, meaning that you can add some flairs to your kitchen. 

This Zen tea kettle has a capacity of roughly 50 ounces of water, which is enough to brew approximately 4 or 5 cups of tea. What’s more, its built-in whistle will make sure you won’t forget your boiling water. 

What’s best about Le Creuset? It is suitable for almost every heat source – gas, ceramic, electric, induction, halogen, you name it. Furthermore, its design makes cleaning an effortless job. 

Things to concern: 

Despite the manufacturer’s claims that the product is chip-resistant, there have been several complaints that the tea kettle chipped in the first few uses. 

Useful Features:  

  • Dish-washer safe. 
  • Made of enamel on steel. 
  • Heat resistant handle and knob. 
  • Asian-style ready. 
  • Chips resistant. 
  • 1.6-quart capacity 
  • Short boiling time. 
  • Induction stovetops compatible. 

9. Cafe Brew Collection WK112 Cafe Brew Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle

Cafe Brew Collection WK112 Cafe Brew Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle

This kettle lets you enjoy more tea more often. Cafe Brew Collection is very unique in its features. Notably, the kettle features heat resistant Schott Duran borosilicate glass. Moreover, it comes with the handle and the lid of the WK112. Which are very easy to use. Plus, as you get an easier & more comfortable user experience, this kettle is dishwasher safe. Again, it offers drip-free spout as well as a chemical-free construction. Another important thing, Cafe Brew Glass Stovetop is a whistling Kettle. It whistles to alert you as your water boiled. 

Things to concern: 

This kettle may take quite a long time to heat water. Plus, as it is a glass kettle, so you’ve to be careful in handling it. 

Useful Features: 

  • Elegant design. 
  • Ever cool handle and lid. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Drip-free spout. 
  • BPA free. 
  • It offers a sound whistle feature. 

Best Tea Kettles for Gas Stoves Buyer’s Guide 

Before buying a tea kettle, you should consider some important points. These factors will help you to determine which tea kettle suits most for your needs. 

Size: Size is one of the most important factors you should consider. When you need to make a single cup of tea, definitely you won’t go for a large kettle. On the other hand, if you want to entertain a larger people, you would take a larger kettle. Which will enable you to serve everyone without waiting for the second batch of water to boil? As you can make your best choice, we’ve listed a wide range of sizes. So, take the decision to make the right choice. 

Material: Tea kettles feature a lot of materials. For instance, they include glass, stainless steel, and coated metal. One thing you should keep in mind that, instead of having a gas or electric stove, if you have an induction cooktop, your options will be very confined. So, you should consider the most compatible tea kettle for your kitchen. 

Cleaning: Cleaning is essential for keeping your own selves healthy. As you’ve to boil water in your kettle, you will need to keep it germ-free. Kettles that come with a large opening will allow you to wash the whole pot with your hand. On the contrary, you may need a brush to clean a smaller opening kettle. Again, glass kettles are a better option for cleanliness. Whereas, it might be a little harder to clean metal kettles. 

Additional Features: Some models might come with additional features. You may keep a sharp look-out to them as well. The additional features seem like keep warm function, temperature, etc.  

Let’s wrap up! 

You’ve already come to know the best tea kettles for gas stoves. We have tried our best to let you know which kettles serve you most. As you can select a tea kettle by yourself, we guided a buying guide as well. 

If you still have any questions, then we are below right on the comment box! 

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