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Top 11 Best Skateboard Wheels Reviewed in 2021

Nowadays, skateboarding isn’t only for entertainment but also for an effective transition from one place to another. skateboarding popularity will increase day by day. But, for a longer skateboarding, you should buy the best skateboard wheels available in the market. No matter what type of skateboarding you do, the perfect skateboard wheels give you a great skateboarding ever! You will get the best experience and feel like floating in the air. Here are some top skateboard wheels in 2021. You can select this anyone and bring the best skateboarding experience you have ever. 

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 1. FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

Best Skateboard Wheels

The FREEDARE is one of the bestseller wheels for riding on street skating and park terrain. It is specially designed for professional use in different terrains. So, the FREEDARE wheel is perfect for urban skating as well as parks. This longboard wheels combined with high steel bearings and spacers. These bearings and spacers are perfectly set over the wheels. The wheels give you smooth rolling experience and high durability during riding. Another important thing is, there will be no problems in riding on the road with pebbles. The polyurethane wheel makes your rides smoother for when of debris or pebbles on roads. So, without losing comfort and balance you will ride fast. The wheel looks simple in external design. But, they give you the best customization. There were different types of themes and graphics with a dot pattern on the surface of the wheels. By this graphics this wheel expresses its rapid speed such as animals. Youth loves rapid speed and super performance. So, this skateboard will be the best choice for the youth. Overall, this kind of unique design increases wheels appearance. And this unique design will be a great gift for your friends or family.  

Key features: 

  • Complete four-set skateboard wheel with ABEC-7 bearing.  
  • All standard size skateboard bearings fit into the wheels.  
  • The wheels made of Polyurethane (85A durometer). 
  • Wheel diameter is 70mm and width is 51mm. 
  • Different theme and graphics available such as Wind(Eagle), Fire(Dragon), Mountain(Tiger), Forest(Deer).  
  • Anti-collision rounded lips for wheel protection. 
  • Durable and solid enough. So, it provides smooth, stable, and quite sliding experience. 

Things we didnt like: The higher the ABEC rating means the better efficiency and precision. The Freedare 70mm wheel have a ABEC-7 standard bearing. But, this less strength will not create any problem. Overall it was good enough for service.  


2. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead is one of the best skateboard wheels for the street. It has abrasion and friction-resistant properties that make it perfect for any street. It is design simple to control, fast in speed, and overall give a unique performance. The wheels dimensions give you to stay rolling on all sizes cracks. Also, they will give rolling around any terrain. Most importantly, these skateboard wheels made of softer and wider than other street wheels. Normally, the wheels are suitable for any type of skilled riders. The wheel gives a soft riding experience, so they are also suitable for beginners. And the wheels are also perfect for aggressive skating sessions. The bighead wheels can give you a smooth ride whether you use it. Besides, the Spitfire Bighead wheel can also suitable for moderate skill riders. The wide wheel gives great impressive stability and better traction ever. The Spitfire Bighead wheel made of urethane that can last longer and give you an excellent grip. You can smoothly roll and turn over on rough surfaces without vibration. You can smoothly ride whatever you want on the street or park. Additionally, it has some good graphics that make it more attractive. Overall, your street skateboarding will be larger with this wheel.  

Key features :  

  • High-grade well built long-lasting wheel.  
  • The Wheels diameter is 48 mm. 
  • The Wheel has excellent stability that provides you better traction. 
  • High-speed ability on any type of terrain.  
  • Provides more slide compared to other soft wheels.  
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.  

Things we didn’t like: The wheel is a bit harder than other wheels. However, this hardness will not create any problem, and the wheelwork beautifully. 


3. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 

The FREEWARE 60mm is a stylish and high durable skateboard wheel where no extra efforts need during playing. It’s long and wide wheels for the tiny board and different tricks. The FREEDARE 60mm skateboard is very smooth and extremely durable for both street skating and skate park terrain. The wheels are the perfect choice for cruising and many street tricks. It also does well on the surface of smooth concrete. The skateboard wheel is super cool and extremely durable during playing and it’s better for cruising. Besides, it is too wide and tall for smaller boards and tricks. Overall, the wheel has greater quality and gives a smooth riding experience. You don’t bother to install, because the wheels are easy to install. You just take the wheels on the axle as like as other regular wheels. So, the FREEDARE skateboard wheels 60mm will be a great addition for skating performance.  

Key features: 

  • Complete four sets of skateboard wheel combo with bearings and spacers.
  • The wheels made of polyurethane. 
  • The wheel diameter is 60mm and the width is 45mm. 
  • The wheel durometer is 83A.
  • ABEC-7 high steel lubricated bearings. 
  • The lubricated bearing steel is better in speed and durability. 
  • There is delicate packaging and the design keeps boards cool. 

Things we didn’t like: For regular skateboard it is comparatively too small. It is more suitable for cruiser skateboard. 


4. Cheetah Rippers Wheels for Ripstik Wave Board

Cheetah Rippers Wheels for Ripstik Wave Board

The Cheetah Ripper wheels are the highest durability and longest performance combination. It is very easy to install and can fit on every type of caster board. The wheels made of highly rebound urethane. This rebound urethane and rounded profile create less friction that offers super speeds and easy to control. Its bearings give the correct durability and rapid speed. Overall the Cheetah Rippers give the best quality, durability, and allows you hard carving. By using this wheel, you will get an excellent riding experience like never you before. 

 Key Features:  

  • Complete set of urethane wheel and ABEC-9 bearing.
  • The wheels diameter is 76mm. 
  • Super high rebound durometer (89A). 
  • ABEC 9 bearings offer the highest amount of precision, speed, and durability.
  • Less friction, Super faster and control better.

Things we didn’t like: The wheel don’t come with bearings spacers. But, overall it’s an excellent and amazing skateboard wheels. 


5. Playshion 70mm 65mm Longboard Wheels

Playshion 70mm 65mm Longboard Wheels

Playshion wheels are comparatively smaller but super faster than other wheels. If you are looking for a smaller but effective wheels, it will be a great addition for you. These wheels are especially great for carving, sliding, cruising, and downhill. Playshion wheels is made of polyurethane, that is highly durable and robust. These robust wheels provide you a soft and smoothest ride. It is enough soft to ride comfortably but enough hard to slide. And for polyurethane core, it is long last for many years. Additionally, it has a contact patch that ensure your better safety and complete balance. You, don’t worry about this wheels installation. These wheels can easily fit with any 608 bearings and easy to install. With these bearings, you get extra performance and excellent riding. So, Playshion longboard wheels will be a great option for you. 

 Key Features: 

  • The wheels diameter is 65mm and the width is 45mm. 
  • Wheels durometer is 78A.  
  • Wheels shape is lip round.  
  • The core material is Polypropylene ( PP ).  
  • 33mm contact patch available.  
  • 1.5 times quick accelerations than other wheels. 

 Things we didn’t like: This wheel is not suitable for tricks. However, it has comparatively other different benefits. For smoothest riding experience, get this faster wheels from Amazon: 


6. Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings  

Cal 7 52mm Skateboard Wheels with Bearings 

The Cal 7 is an all-purpose skateboard wheels specially made for long cruiser. The wheel is also perfect for park deck and works well in any street. Cal 7 comes with a polyurethane skateboard wheel combo with bearings. This high-quality wheel gives you a smooth and easy riding experience. The durable polyurethane is impact resistant and constructed of sturdy. By using these wheels you feel extra width, shock-absorbing, and steady ride. Additionally, the Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels is coordinate with a beautiful solid color. There are several color and graphics styles to choose from. This color will add a beautiful style to your board. Another important thing is, the skateboard wheel is strong enough to handle and do any difficult tricks.  

Key features: 

  • The wheel is impact-resistant and small sizes (52mm). 
  • Set of 8 ABEC-7 premium bearings. 
  • Wheel hardness is 99A. 
  • Several color and graphics options available. 
  • Spacers of bearings make for smooth, stable skating. 
  • A great choice for skating street, ramps, pools & parks. 
  • Ideal for trick and technical riding for small size. 

Things we didn’t like: The wheel is comparatively narrow and softer than other 99A wheels. But, they did their job.  


7. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

If you are looking for skateboard wheels over any terrain, the Shark wheels will be the best option for you. Shark wheel is one of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. It is specially designed for all terrains and rough roads. So, the wheel can give you smooth and noise-free ride over uneven and wet surfaces. Besides, The Shark wheels have excellent slide control and more grip. It typically pushes small objects right and left out the way as they roll. By using these wheels, you can roll fast and feel comfort at any surfaces This wheel can give you the ultimate fast and comfortable rolling experience. The Shark Wheel is smoother and three times faster than others. Another important thing is, it’s 60% less friction. It is less touching the ground. As a result the friction is less and speed is more. The Shark wheels also can do well in rain and soft surface. They are perfectly circular during riding but look square in motion. So, the wheels ride smoother, last longer, and glide faster. Overall, the shark skateboard wheels are looking incredible, slide better, and give a super faster performance.  

Key features 

  • The wheels are a combination between cube and sphere.
  • The wheel diameter is 60mm and the durometer is 78A. 
  • Several aesthetic color themes available. 
  • More grip and sliding control. 
  • Faster acceleration with less friction. 
  • 30-degree angle approachability.
  • More traction over various terrain.

 Things we didn’t like: It is noisy due to the combination shape, but still amazing. 


8. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama skateboard wheel is the best wheel for electric skateboard. It is well known for its large size and smooth-rolling. It is specially designed to give high-speed, and easy to comfort. But it isn’t only about speed but also improve your momentum. The Orangatang Caguama wheels use made of urethane. It can make smooth and swift with a steady grip. The grip remains foolproof. Another important thing is, urethane is highly heat-resistant. So, you can cruise any hot streets during sun time. The big wheels have a completely exposed supportive core. It is to make sure acceleration and lower the weight. So, you will not compromise in skateboarding for a long time of riding. The wheel gives you a fast and comfortable overall riding experience.  

Key features 

  • Comfortable and functional design. 
  • The wheel diameter is 85mm and the edge is round.
  • A 56mm contact patch for a reliable grip. 
  • The 46mm core keep the wheel lightweight. 
  • High-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane core. 
  • Available in different durometer.
  • Several colors are available. 

Things we didn’t like: This skateboard wheel is works only with electric boards. But, if you have an electric skateboard, this wheel will be a great companion in your journey. Get it from Amazon 

9. Everland Skateboard Wheels

Everland Skateboard Wheels

Everland is an attractive and unique skateboard wheels. It can fit into different types of skateboards. It comes with several colors that attract your eyes at first sight. Besides looking, it’s high-quality core materials are strong enough to handle. This polyurethane core materials can provide an excellent grip and better shock absorption. This will also increase the lifespan of the wheel. So, the skateboard wheels are long-lasting and extremely durable. Another good thing is, the Everland skateboard wheels have adequate balance and control. For better balance and excellent control it is perfect for both beginners and intermediate. Overall, these wheels provide you an excellent riding experience.  

Key features:  

  • Complete 4 set skateboard wheels.  
  • The wheels made of high-quality polyurethane.  
  • The wheel width is 51mm and the diameter is 65mm.  
  • The polyurethane wheels durometer is 78A.  
  • Multiple color options such as red, clear black, blue, yellow, and orange.  

Things we didn’t like it: The new Everland skateboard wheel has a weird smell. But, after using this smell will reduce. Get this attractive skateboard wheels from Amazon: 

10. Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang heat 75 mm is a great wheel for rough roads. These wheels provide you an amazingly smooth and grippe riding experience on any rough road. You don’t have trouble during rolling over the road with rocks and cracks. Orangatang heat is looking beautiful, absolutely durable, and tough too. Its sharp grip edges and thick lips work greater for speed. And provide you an amazing feel on all types of terrains. The sharp edges and bearing seats also provide amazing traction. Additionally, it’s rippled inner walls work for progressive energy return and out of turns. Another thing is, this wheels strong urethane core supports your balance. So, you are well-balanced and no need to worry about the slip. Overall, the wheels provide you an amazing performance, high durability, and easy traction. If you want to ride your skateboard at maximum speed with minimum effort. These wheels are absolutely for you.  

 Key features 

  • Complete four sets of Wheels.  
  • The wheels made of high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane.  
  • Rippled urethane pattern for progressive rebound.  
  • Wheels diameter is 75mm and width is 56mm.  
  • A wider contact patch is available.  
  • Available in four durometers : 77A (blue), 80A (orange), 83A (purple), and 86A (yellow).  

Things we didnt like: There are no drawbacks at all. But, it will not affect this wheels attraction. For better balance and maximum traction, get this versatile skateboard wheels from Amazon. 


 11. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard  

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard 

Ricta clouds wheel made of soft urethane with a solid core. It is not heavy or bulky and easy to use. It can give a greater balance between speed and accelerations. So, it will be the perfect wheels for the beginners to start with. The wheel is not only suitable for beginners but also for professional skateboarders. By using this skateboard, you can roll rough surfaces smoothly. You can use this wheel to combat edgy or rough surfaces. Such as for rolling over hills, streets, cracks, etc. Besides, you can easily control your speed during rolling. The Ricta wheels can run very fast and bouncy too. The wheel can also a great option for the roughest surfaces. Its shape is modern and give amazing grip and traction. It has a super stylish design. So, you can use this for cruise whatever you want. And you have full control over how long you wish to go.  

Key Features:  

  • The wheel diameter is 56mm.  
  • The wheels durometer is 92A.  
  • Modern-shaped and not heavy or bulky.  
  • All standard bearing will fit on it. 
  • Maintain well balance between speed and accelerations. 
  • Run pretty well on any rugged road and rough surfaces.  
  • Provide great for both beginners and professionals.  

Things we didn’t like: For the beginners, the wheel is a little bit expensive. But, most rider can effort it. Get it from Amazon 


 Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Skateboard Wheels

Above all, the skateboard wheels are one of the most important parts of your skateboard. It is very important to select a suitable wheel for your board. A perfect wheels provide you an smooth and amazing riding experience. There are lots of factors you might consider before buying. At first, you must decide how fast you need to go. Your speed on the surface will be an important thing to consider before buying. Another important thing is the wheels materials of construction. Recently, polyurethane skateboard wheels are the most popular. This core material can give extra strength and durability. It also last longer rather than other cheaper materials. Though visual appearance isn’t a necessary factor, but it is considerable for any users. There are several colors and graphics are available. You can select this according to their style and in your personal preference. Maybe the most important two factors are the size and hardness of wheels. During choosing, you must check the size (diameter) and hardness (durometer) of these wheels. Additionally, you must consider what type of skateboard you have and what type of skateboarding you will do.  

Wrapping up!  

The best skateboard wheel gives you a smooth, fast, and easy skateboard riding experience. They can upgrade your riding and make easy your travelling. So, the nice skateboard wheels can an excellent option to enhance your skateboarding. Hopefully, the following top skateboarding review was fruitful for you. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to comment below. We’ll be right back with your answer. 

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